5 essential tips you should be aware of using the washing machine

Learn how to do it!

There comes the point in people’s lives where we have to face scary things, and the washing machine is one of them. This device can damage or wash your most precious clothes. For those who live alone, this is usually the first big challenge they have to face. For this reason, Black and White Laundry we teach you what you should know when doing laundry:

When you leave the nest, and you have to do things by yourself, the beginning can be difficult. As everything is new and you have to learn from scratch, we advise you not to let your clothes suffer the consequences.

Know each wash cycle

Like all household appliances, the washing machine in your home has its manual. Whether you have it in physical form or you must search for it online, you must take a look at it. Knowing each wash cycle will allow you to understand how to wash clothes properly, spinning can be very different for jeans than when you remove lingerie.

Each fabric should be treated differently

This is very important if you are one of those who cut the clothing label after buying it, now you want to think twice. The labels show in detail the type of fabric and how the clothes should be taken care of to guarantee their durability over time.

Having this clear will allow you to do your laundry intelligently.

Separate by color

So that your clothes don’t lose their shine and become opaque after each wash, consider separating the clothes by tones. This will help you not to stain your clothes by mixing different colors in one batch.

Beware of detergents

There are detergents that are very aggressive and can damage clothes. We recommend that you always check the label to know which chemicals are indicated for each garment.

Cold water or hot water?

This point is significant, putting the cold or hot water will depend on what you want to achieve. Always take fabric into account. Regularly use cold water for dark colors. On the contrary, hot water works for light tones and to remove stains. Choose well, and you will not want to damage a favorite garment.

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