5 Laundry five-star hotel secrets you must try

We know that if there’s one chore around the house that we have trouble doing its laundry. But since We discovered these excellent tips, the truth is that it does not take us almost time. Also, the results are incredible. Pay attention to these hacks made from a five-star hotel laundry service.

1. Laundry machine load

For best results, load the washer to 80% capacity. Overfilling the washing machine will not wash your clothes properly. On the other hand, if you put little outfits on, you can cause damage to the washing machine, so the idle is at 80% of its capacity.

2. Water temperature

For best results, wash your load at 60 degrees or so, this will sanitize the clothes and remove dirt. Washing in cold water does not destroy bacteria and dust mites on sheets and towels, while water that is too hot can damage fabrics.

3. Washing aids

Conditioners should build upon fabrics and can make towels stiff. Use white vinegar instead. Add three tablespoons during rinsing to make clothes soft and remove traces of dust.

4. Stain removal

  • Remove oil stains by spraying them with artificial sweetener or starch, and then wash the piece of clothing.
  • Remove traces of juice or ketchup easily by adding a few drops of WD-40 degreaser, applying it to the stain and leaving it for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash the piece of clothing in cold water.
  • Remove sweat stains from white clothes using a pre-wash with a 30-degree washing agent. Then run a bleach wash cycle.
  • Remove coffee and wine stains by soaking clothing in a salt and water solution for one hour. When you finish it, wash the clothes.
  • Get rid of yellow from white clothes, or eliminate unpleasant odors with baking soda. Add half a cup of baking soda to your detergent or household soap and wash the items in hot water.

5. Drying

Your clothes should preferably be dried in the open air, exposing them to sunlight. If you use the dryer, put a tennis ball inside the drum, to make your towels soft and fluffy.

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