6 tips to wash your clothes quickly


For many people, doing laundry is boring and a waste of valuable time they can spend with loved ones. For that reason, in Black and White Laundry we want to share with you how to do your laundry faster without sacrificing whiteness:


  1. Check that your clothes do not fade. To avoid staining other clothes.
  2. Wash your clothes inside out. In this way, it protects exterior colours and prevents the seams from tearing with the friction of the washing machine or forming “fluff balls.”
  3. Respect the softener limit set by your washing machine. Otherwise, it may damage the cleaning power of the detergent.
  4. Don’t overload the washing machine. It affects the cleaning power of the detergent, and there are visible traces of it on the clothes.
  5. Open the washer door. You prevent bad smells from accumulating, which can be impregnated on your clothes.
  6. Use baskets to separate clothes. Try to have one for each type of clothing, so you avoid doing the separation at the moment, which takes a lot of time.


We hope these tips will help you to do your laundry quicker. However, remember that you can call us, and we will pick up and deliver your clothe or use our wash and fold service.


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