Which is the best laundry detergent?

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Washing the clothes of your whole family and removing the stains that your children bring from school may seem like a complicated task. However, we share with you a solution that is to have a good washing machine and know how to choose the right detergent for both: your clothes and the environment.

Did you know that 50 percent of detergent water contamination is due to use in our homes and businesses? It is essential then that you pay attention when you go to the market reading the composition of the detergent or soap that you are going to acquire for your home.

In this blog, we want to share some tips for you to learn how to choose the right detergent for your home:

  1. The good idea is to use biological detergents. These differ from the others because their components do not include caustic soda or sodium hydroxide.
  2. Allowing them to be ecologically friendly and the best thing is that they are biodegradable, that is, they can decompose thanks to the action of the sun, water, bacteria, plants, and animals.
  3. You should make sure that the detergent was made it with natural elements that are capable of cleaning the water once you finish using it, and they do not damage your clothes, your skin, or your washing machine.
  4. Liquid fabric detergents are recommended more for the protection of fabrics than powder. Equally, those that do not contain chlorine are better, unless you use them only for white clothes.
  5. Based on your needs when washing and choose according to the type of clothing, fabric, quality, and dirt you want to remove. All soaps have different properties, and there are many brands and presentations on the market that will provide you with different solutions.
  6. New presentations that appear on the market as a detergent in a capsule, or the sheet containing detergent and fabric softener are not included in the best options, even if they are practical.
  7. If the detergent you use foams a lot, you should think about changing it, as this can generate mold, bad odor, or damage your washing machine.
  8. Try to be judicious and read the recommendations that appear on the label of the soap or detergent so that it will perform better in your Haceb washing machine.
  9. Remember to use detergent to measure, without abusing it, since excess soap will no longer clean your clothes but will damage the machine, hands, clothes, and the environment.

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