6 tips to wash your clothes quickly

Wash your clothes quickly with these 6 amazing tips that we share with you, and save valuable time and used instead with your beloveds.

5 Laundry five-star hotel secrets you must try

We know that if there’s one chore around the house that we have trouble doing its laundry. But since We discovered these excellent tips, the truth is that it does not take us almost time. Also, the results are incredible.…

How to do your laundry against the spread of COVID-19?

Household chores have become a source of uncertainty and anxiety as families struggle to do all the essential tasks while keeping their loved ones safe and healthy. Misinformation about the virus poses a risk to everyone, and having to distinguish…

Which is the best laundry detergent?

Washing the clothes of your whole family and removing the stains that your children bring from school may seem like a complicated task. However, we share with you a solution that is to have a good washing machine and know how to choose the right detergent for both: your clothes and the environment.

The importance of washing your new clothing

In a hurry and perhaps because we think that new clothes are clean, we make the mistake of using them without going through the washing machine. We do not know the dangers to which we have our health when we take for granted that the textile industry cannot be toxic.

5 Laundry Secrets You Must Try

If there is a household chore that we find difficult to carry out, it is doing the laundry. But since I discovered these wonderful tips the truth is that it does not take me that long and the results are also incredible. Pay attention to these tricks taken from the laundry services of five-star hotels.

Coronavirus: how to disinfect clothing and footwear after returning from the street

Coronavirus: how to disinfect clothing and footwear after returning from the street

Should you wash your clothing for avoiding get COVID-19?

It is not yet clear how long the virus can survive on clothing and other more difficult to disinfect surfaces. That said, a mid-February online course on covid-19 from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control recommends “routine washing…

5 essential tips you should be aware of using the washing machine

Learn how to do it! There comes the point in people’s lives where we have to face scary things, and the washing machine is one of them. This device can damage or wash your most precious clothes. For those who…

How to use vinegar to wash clothes

How to use vinegar to wash clothes. Distilled white vinegar almost works like a miracle when it comes to doing laundry.