Coronavirus: how to disinfect clothing and footwear after returning from the street

How do health professionals return home? Know the steps you must follow to eliminate the risk of contagion after going outside.

Clean route at home

Four elements are ready at the entrance door: a disinfectant solution, a clean cloth, and two containers: one dry to put keys, ID, money, and other items that we take out and another with water and detergent for outer clothing. A clean towel and change clothes and shoes are ready in the bathroom.

  • When you arrive from the street, if you bring a market, leave the shopping bags on the floor. Take the pocket items one by one and disinfect them with the cloth and the solution you have ready for it, leaving them in the dry container. Take off your shoes and clean them with soap and water: if they are damp or very dirty, put them at once in the bucket with soap and water. Then take off your glasses and outerwear and put it in that same bucket – don’t touch your face yet. Go in your underwear and no shoes, direct to the shower. There, she takes off garment by garment, soaping it and putting it in another bucket with soap and water, and then completes her body bath with abundant soap and water. The clean towel with which it dries will also go to the washing machine: give that one only one use.
  • Get out of the bathroom, take the bucket with the underwear and the towel to the washing machine, then pick up the bucket at the entrance with the outer clothes and put those clothes in the washing machine too, being careful with the glasses: clean them with soap and water , dry them and use them.
  • Lastly, take the shopping bags, uncover them on a clean surface and disinfect them, or also put them in the washing machine if they are made of cloth: list the load and, let’s wash!
  • The purchase is washed or disinfected and dried, object by object, before putting it in the cupboard or in the fridge. Street shoes will stay at the entrance, but if they are wet with soap and water they are washed in the laundry room, not in the washing machine. Put everything to dry in time: in rainy season and with limited space in the house, these activities should not be delayed.
  • Finally, it is convenient to have chlorine water in a bucket with the mop clean and ready: you must mop all the way and wash the hands again with soap and water with the correct technique, leaving the door handles clean with soap and water, disinfectant or chlorinated water.

Let’s not make rare mixtures: it is enough to use the products that we have at home, as we have always done.

A very special call to care for and not discriminate against our health workers. We could all be healthy carriers of the virus. We are not dangerous, on the contrary: we are here to help and lead by example. Week of strength and love at home! And to colleagues, a hug of solidarity.

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