The importance of washing your new clothing

before using it for the very first time, you should know this

In a hurry and perhaps because we think that new clothes are clean, we make the mistake of using them without going through the washing machine. We do not know the dangers to which we have our health when we take for granted that the textile industry cannot be toxic.

According to the records of the magazine Case reports in dermatological medicine, cases of textile allergy due to azo dyes are documented, which can affect substances that neglect the process of printing colors on the fibers during manufacturing, which can be dangerous for sensitive people.

Clothing labels are a guide to use that we rarely attend. There the recommendations for washing, drying, type of soap and how to keep the garment longer are established. Specific labels are very clear and warn that the piece of clothing must be washed before using.

In general, new clothing is impregnated with substances from manufacturing, but also, the fabrics receive a chemical treatment so that they are not damaged by crickets or other insects during their distribution on long boat trips.

If it is very well packed, you should not trust either. Manual handling of dubbing and packaging can leave bacteria of all kinds on the garment, such as staph, which causes a wide variety of infections.

Washing new clothes is a rule that must be followed for all clothes, especially lingerie or baby clothes, which is generally very well packaged. Everything should be put in soapy water before being released.

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